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Ice Cream.. A desert product loved worldwide. Maybe the most loved of anything we enjoy as deserts go.. We make our ice cream onsite with a lot of passion. I personally make it, never anyone but me. I purchase an ice cream mix from a local dairy and use an Emery Thompson batch freezer to create the ice cream from the mix. You are going to find it's the richest, creamiest, 16% Butterfat, slow-churned super-premium ice cream you'll ever have had. That is, if you've ever had a 16% Butterfat, slow-churned super-premium ice cream. If not, you’ll have to trust me on this one.

Not knowing anything about the making of Ice Cream, we had to learn. My wife and I sampled 6 or 7 ice cream stores, searching for one copy. A friend of ours who lived in Sacramento told us about her all-time favorite, Gunther's Ice Cream in Sacramento. We tried it and couldn't have agreed more. Chris, the manager, while not divulging any trade secrets, gave me some invaluable information about making ice cream and my supplier was also was a wealth of information. He once had a retail store and made his own ice cream in a similar Emery Thompson. He was so nice he came up from San Jose to spend a day showing me the process.. You just don’t see that in people very often.. 4 plus hour drive. You’ll love love love our Ice Cream!!! You’ll love it.. Your kids will go nuts!!!

Dessert for Delivery

(Sorry, Ice Cream Not Available For Delivery)

Tiramisu or similar type cake    6.95
Sleeve of Oreo Cookies, (13)      3.50

Homemade Ice Crean

Cones or Cups

Single Scoop; $5

Double Scoop $7.75

Triple Scoop $9.25

Add .75 for Waffle Cone

Milk Shakes

16 oz. $8.25

Hot Fudge Sundaes

Single Scoop $6.75

Double Scoop $9.75

Jiiffy's Pizza