Tahoe's Best:               Pizza                 & Ice Cream

We are currently delivering Friday's and Saturday's..   

                                            Pick up is a 5 minute drive from anywhere in Incline. 

I don't mean to sound overly confident, but we have the best pizza in the Tahoe area.  And our Homemade Ice Cream is if not the best Ice Cream ever, it's as good as you have ever had.  16% Butterfat slow Churned at 185 RPM's.    

Why is our Pizza so flavorful.  We use only top quality products to create our Pizza & Homemade all natural Ice Cream.   We sauce and cheese each pizza to the edge of the pizza, no 1.5- 2 inches of extra crust all the way around.  That's how pizza shops take advantage, more crust less pizza.  

Our Pizza: 

We proudly serve Bacio Mozzarella Cheese.   Bacio is the best mozzarella available.   Whole milk not skim, part Buffalo milk.  Bacio Mozzarella is a much creamier,  less salty mozzarella.   One of it's most noticeable attributes is  the quality of how much better your pizza leftovers are the next day.  The cheese doesn't taste or have the texture of day old cheese.  It's very close to the same product you enjoyed the night before.    We pay more for it , and the quality is absolutely noticeable.  If you know characteristics of superior cheese you'll notice the stretchability of the cheese when you pull a slice off the pie.    We also pay more for our pepperoni,  Sausage & we use Dole Pineapple, not Vietnamese or other bargain brands like many pizza shops serve.  These upgrades and others are a big part of why our pizza is so flavorful.  We handmake the dough and sauce onsite.  Cooked on a deck oven not conveyer at 600 degrees.  Deck ovens over conveyers are also a big deal. 

Probably way more information than you need or wanted to know!!!

 Our Homemade Ice Cream :

     (Video below of me making our Ice Cream)  

               We start with a Super Premium, all natural 16%  Butterfat Ice Cream mix from our dairy.  I slow churn it in our Emery Thompson batch freezer at 180 RPM.   Most ice creams   churned at over 210.  The faster you churn the mix, the more air you put into the cream.   The more air into the cream, the more volume.  More volume = more scoops per gallon of  mix, but much less creamy Ice  Cream.   That's why we churn it slow.                                                                                           Best, Most Creamy Ice Cream Ever!!

                                                                                                 Dine In:

                                                     Super Clean dining room and spotless bathrooms.                                                                      Two,  65" TV's.  High quality sound for relaxing background music                                                        Comfortable outdoor seating and dog friendly weather permitting.

                                                                                         Private Parties:

        Rent our dining room for your private party.  Affordable and always a good time.  See               pictures on the website.  Price is $650 for 3 hours.  Order off our menu.  Add a 20%                     gratuity for our kitchen staff.  15% on food and drinks only, not the rental fee.

                                                                      We Deliver Friday & Saturday:

                      $5.50 fuel charge and 15%  gratuity will be charged for all deliveries. 

                                                                 No additional tipping needed unless you feel you'd like to add some for our delivery driver.

                                                                Picking up is always an option.

Jiffy's Pizza
Ice Cream

Located in the Raley's Center in Incline Village, Jiffy's has been serving the Kings Beach, Crystal Bay, Incline Village area of North Lake Tahoe the best pizza and now Homemade Ice Cream for over 35 years.

View video of Ice Cream being made at Jiffy's

Voted Best Pizza
Best Ice Cream ever!

Dine in / Private party

We have a clean beautiful modern dining area with 55 seats, & 2- 65" TV's to watch the big game.

High end quality sound for background music. A very relaxing environment to enjoy a pizza, beer, or glass of wine with friends or family.

Our dining room is available to rent out for private parties.  A service you'll not find in the area.  Birthday, Rehearsal Dinners, Christmas Parties, whatever the occasion.    

Customers Love Jiffy's Pizza In Incline Village!

The best pizza in town. Friendly service.

- Kim Hanna

Excellent pizza and delicious home made ice cream

- Robert Thomson

Owner and staff are extremely friendly and accommodating. The homemade ice cream is incredible.

- Mary Scohera

Great ice cream!

- Joe Saunders


If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

- Kyle Wieben


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